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Maureen's Musings
Maureen's Musings -- September 2016

“Immigrants are Indispensable in Gainesville” (Page F1, Gainesville Sun, 09-11-2016). Immigrants are “the professionals, the business owners and job creators, the hard-working neighbors you meet every day.” (And your minister, who came here from Canada in 1986.) [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Maureen's Musings -- June 2016 -- When the World Ends

When the world ends, it’s hard to know where to begin. For 49 people, mostly young men, mostly young Latino men, mostly young Latino gay men, the world ended in the wee hours of June 12. For uncounted hundreds, the wounded, the families and friends of all involved, for LGBTQ people everywhere, the fabric of reality was shredded last weekend, and it will never again be the same. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Maureen's Musings -- May 2016

You’ll find roses in two services this month. In the Child Dedication ceremony on May 8, I gave each child a rose from which thorns were removed. This symbolizes our wish that their lives may bring them only those challenges which they have the strength and maturity to embrace. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Maureen's Musings -- April 2016

The UUA – What’s In It for Me?

It’s a conversation I come across periodically, usually but not always from new Unitarian Universalists. “What’s this thing called the UUA (the Unitarian Universalist Association)? Isn’t UUFG independent – they can’t tell us what to do, and above all why do we send them money we need here?” [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Maureen's Musings -- March 2016, #2

Many years ago, my daughter loved Marlo Thomas’ album, “Free to Be You and Me.” From our hours of listening, I recall these words of truth:

Your mommy hates housework,
Your daddy hates housework,
I hate housework too.
And when you grow up, so will you.

Not accurate for everyone, of course – but it sure seems so here at UUFG. Each Sunday, tons of people bring goodies. After service, we munch, we meet, we talk . . . and then . . . we leave. Assuming (I imagine) that “they” will clean up after us all. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

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