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Maureen's Musings
Maureen's Musings -- March 2016

I’m contemplating a process of dreams being born. If you’ve visited the minister’s office, you may remember that it overlooks the playground, and on to the path leading to the memory garden. The old fence and some trees are gone; a new sturdy fence is in place. I’ve seen drawings of potential play areas and equipment enticing enough to make me want to get on my hands and knees and play. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Maureen's Musings -- February 2016

When asked why they don’t go to church, people almost always include, “They’re always asking for money.” Well . . . oops.

Here we are at UUFG, entering our very own annual Stewardship season, this year called “Gather to Celebrate.” It’s the time of year when we ask every member and friend to connect your own financial generosity with what this Fellowship means in your life. So yes, I can see how it might feel like we’re “always” being asked. Being we’re nudged to consider how our personal blessings and challenges connect with the needs and possibilities of our chosen community. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Maureen's Musings -- January 2016

“I didn’t want to bother you.” People say that to me regularly when I ask why they didn’t call or email when they were going to the hospital or having a hard time. Please -- never assume I am too busy to talk or set up a time to meet with you. There is nothing more important for your minister than hearing from YOU, and I try to make that contact as easy as possible. With that in mind, I share my version of a list that’s been going around for many years.


  • When you don’t know me, but would like to.
  • When you just need to be listened to, not fixed
  • When you have questions about what it means to be a part of a faith community.
  • When you’re struggling with your job, family, school - or anything where a sympathetic ear might help.
  • When you’ve lost your job.
  • When you’re heading for the hospital or know of another member who is. (Yes, you can rely on my keeping this information confidential if you prefer – or I can share it with whomever you designate.)
  • When you’re dealing with any kind of significant loss.
  • When you’re considering marriage or divorce.
  • When you’d like to have your child dedicated.
  • When you are pregnant or have received a medical diagnosis – whether you’re elated or dismayed.
  • When you want to clarify something you think you heard me say.
  • When you feel ready to join UUFG.
  • When you are unhappy (or delighted!) with UUFG.
  • When you are seeking to deepen your spiritual life.
  • When you have new ideas or suggestions for how things could be done differently.
  • When you are upset with me or would like to express appreciation.
  • Whenever you wonder, “Is this something I should share with Rev. Maureen?”

I look forward to hearing from YOU. You can reach me by email – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it – or phone 828-699-9038. You may also text or, if you have friended me on Facebook, you may send me a private message there. I’ll do my best to respond asap.

In this new year of 2016, let’s do our collective best to live the words we often say: “You don’t have to do it alone.”

Rev. Maureen

Rev. Maureen's Musings -- November 2015

We are moving toward our Nation’s “Thanksgiving Day.”
We are Americans by birth and by adoption . . . by citizenship and by gift of place . . .
And, at the same time, we are the people of the earth,
people whose lives are blessed with love and hope
as well as those whose days are shadowed by darkness and despair. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Maureen's Musings -- October, 2015

We've been there, many of us. We're in a group, and the person next to us says or does something that bugs us. Or their behavior or appearance offend our expectations of how things are supposed to be. "What right has she got to interfere with my enjoyment!" "Doesn't he realize people are expected to be [quieter / solemn / restrained / ____]?" We seethe . . . and then . . . sometimes, we decide it’s just not right -- things being different from how we expect them to be. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

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