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Maureen's Musings
Are You Sleeping? (Thoughts from a peripatetic hurricane watcher - #1)

Dear Ones,

As I write this, Peter and I have decided, as have many of you, to hunker down and deal with whatever it is that is coming our way. Am I out of line to guess that some (perhaps many? maybe close to all?) of you are to some degree anxious? [Click "Read more..." to continue]
Our UU Water Ceremony and Ingathering -- Sept 3!

It’s Coming! Our annual Water Ceremony to be celebrated with an all ages service at UUFG on Sunday, September 3. On that day, I invite you to bring a small container of water, symbolizing a place where water has been important for you, or a location where water is pivotal to the wellbeing of our the planet. If you are unable to bring water, there will be a pitcher at the service so that you may pour water remind you of the place that you hold in your heart. What follows is from the Rev. Krista Taves’ recent column about the origins of the Water Ceremony (sometimes called the “Water Communion”)*. May her words help us more fully to appreciate this 40-year old UU tradition. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Rev. Maureen Killoran -- Annual Report for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year

Please click the link below for Rev. Maureen Killoran's Annual Report to the congregation.

Download this file (Killoran Annual Report June 2017.pdf)Killoran Annual Report June 2017.pdf[ ]857 Kb

Imagine! Twenty years ago, some very brave UUs dared to dream of a larger home of their own, on a piece of property on NW 34th Street. That property, of course, is now the home of UUFG. This Sunday, April 23, we invite you to make a special effort to come to service (11 am), as we celebrate the courage, and the risk those folks took. (I say “those folks,” but truth is, many of those visionaries are still active members of UUFG today.) [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Maureen's Musings -- April, 2017

Easters and UUs?

Here it comes again, the perennial bête noire of religious liberals. What DO we do with Easter, a season so thoroughly enmeshed in a single story that many of us no longer find helpful? I’m talking, of course, about the resurrection of Jesus. It is so easy to dismiss the notion of bodily resurrection as an impossibility, reducing Easter to nothing more than a romantic reshaping of pre-Christian celebrations of spring. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

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