Imagine! Twenty years ago, some very brave UUs dared to dream of a larger home of their own, on a piece of property on NW 34th Street. That property, of course, is now the home of UUFG. This Sunday, April 23, we invite you to make a special effort to come to service (11 am), as we celebrate the courage, and the risk those folks took. (I say “those folks,” but truth is, many of those visionaries are still active members of UUFG today.) [Click "Read more..." to continue]


But wait – there’s more! We’ll hear from Debby Jo Malickson and Marilyn Roberts about the seeds that got us here in the first place. Rev. David Etherington offers reflection on the possibility of NOW for us as UUs in Gainesville. And Mallory Szymanski has accepted the challenge of helping us consider how we can shape vision into an equally bright tomorrow.

Following the service, children will help us plant flowers around the fountain. Then together, we’ll share some potluck – with, of course, cake! Then you’ll be welcome to learn some of the hidden corners of the UUFG grounds on a tour with past president Lynne Capehart.

What has been done is amazing. What is happening now can call us to attention. What lies ahead calls on all of us to live our UU values. As human beings, we need one another, not just to survive, but to thrive. This Sunday is a great time to remind ourselves of the importance of our UU community!

Blessings, Rev. Maureen

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