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Are You Sleeping? (Thoughts from a peripatetic hurricane watcher - #1)

Dear Ones,

As I write this, Peter and I have decided, as have many of you, to hunker down and deal with whatever it is that is coming our way. Am I out of line to guess that some (perhaps many? maybe close to all?) of you are to some degree anxious? [Click "Read more..." to continue]
* What is Irma going to bring?
* What will happen to my home? to my family? to my animal companions? . . . to me?
* How bad is it going to be?
I will be frank with you. Last night I did not sleep. Fears, reasonable and unlikely, flooded my mind and kept me awake, busied by the busyness of semi-useful tasks.
Do you know what I learned?
I learned that letting myself be caught up in those fears did not get me one step closer toward living with integrity. Living today, tomorrow, and the week to come. They didn't connect me any closer to the people I care about - which includes each and every one of you reading this post.
Another thing I learned was really a reminder: My friends, we are in this together.
For good or ill, Hurricane Irma is coming. And we will hold on to one another by whatever means we can - electronic as long as possible. Telephone, for those of you with land lines (while they work). In our hearts, when 21st century connections fail. In our reconnection at UUFG when the storm has passed.
Thursday would be a great time to let me know if there is something you really need that you think UUFG might be able to help with. Or, more up my alley, if you need to talk. If you want to chat for a little while, please call me.

It is a blessing you were born.

It matters what you do.

Your experience of the divine is true.

And you don’t have to go it alone.

With much respect and love,
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