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Message From Rev. Maureen


Dear Ones,

When catastrophe hits, as with Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, many of us feel helpless. So many images of disaster. So much loss. And at the same time, we see also images of human beings at their best – bringing all their resources to bear on helping those who are isolated, injured, and in need. So many people doing everything they can to make a positive difference.

Here, the best option we have for making a positive difference in this situation is sharing our financial resources, each according  to our means. To help with the initial response to Hurricane Harvey, and to give an opportunity to  reach out in caring from UUFG, we have permission from the Board to direct all undesignated contributions in our offering this coming Sunday, September 3, to immediate hurricane relief. Following the recommendation of CharityNavigator.org, this Sunday’s offering will go to the Houston Food Bank, to contribute to the immediate relief of the hundreds of thousands who remain without food and water. For fastest transmission, please make checks out to UUFG, and place them  in the offering plate on Sunday. You may also mail a check to UUFG, but please do so before the weekend.

We know there are many options for your caring dollars, among them the coordinated campaign from the UUA/UUSC.  When that campaign is concluded, half the funds raised will go to at-risk populations served by UUSC partners and the other half will support Unitarian Universalist congregations and members of those congregations most affected by the storm. Those funds will be administered by a group of leaders in the UUA’s Southern Region. You may make contributions to this campaign at the UUA Harvey Flood Donations.

Without in any way diminishing the worth of all other fundraising efforts, your Board and I have opted to focus to the Houston Food Bank as one of the most direct and immediate ways of reaching in to the area.

Please give generously, either through the offering this Sunday, September 3, or through the charity of your choice. (The Charity Navigator website linked above lists many reputable possibilities.)

Blessings to all,

Rev. Maureen
Developmental Minister

Draw the Circle Wide! 2017-18 Stewardship

Draw the Circle Wide logoOn Feb. 26, we began our sharing of meals and ideas during our cottage meals and making our financial pledges. If you have not signed up for a cottage dinner - call Lisa A. or contact the office for how to sign up for a dinner.

Our paper cottages will be displayed on the back wall of the sanctuary.   When each "cottage" member has turned in a pledge card, a lighted chalice will be placed in the cottage window to signify that all cottage members have pledged.

I love the kinship created by both the actual cottage dinners and the paper cottages themselves.  On the strength of our shared community, we take these risks (opportunities!) to draw our circles wider than we might normally - welcoming new people and going new places.  I love also the image of the lit chalice to signify completion of pledges.  It nicely symbolizes our "fire of commitment" when we take the opportunity to commit our financial resources to light up our beloved community.

The greatest (and potentially most rewarding) opportunity of all may be the one we create by drawing our circle wide enough to include those who are not currently in our community but who may need our help, attention, and steadfast commitment to the creation of a just world.  Your pledges of financial support strengthen our fellowship and allow us to nurture not only ourselves and each other, but to look ever outwards to heal our world.

Please help UUFG continue this critical mission by making a financial pledge at your cottage dinner. For those who cannot attend, please contact the UUFG office for a pledge card or contact someone from the stewardship committee (the office can tell you who to call).

- Lisa A., Stewardship Committee Chair


Download this file (PledgeCard_2017-18_WebFORM.pdf)Pledge Card Form[Download, print and mail to office.]107 Kb
Donate Electronically

Financial support enables us to continue and grow our religious community. Without your commitment of time and funds, we would not exist. Even if you are unable to commit as much time or money as you'd prefer, every small drop grows to a larger body of service.

If you'd like to pay your pledge or donate because you believe in the mission of our church, you may go to our bank page and make a payment from your checking account or a credit card. You'll need to create a user name and password and the process is well explained.

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You may designate your donations for pledge payments or other special fund raising events which will change from time to time.

Alternatively, please make checks out to "UUFG" and mail to

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