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On Tyranny?
Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran

Sunday August 27, 11 am
Impressionism and Grace: Aging and Dying as a Work of Art
Rev. Fred Howard
Worship Associate: Berney Pellett

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Water Ceremony: Sept 3! http://uufg.org/events/upcoming-events/1512-collect-water-for-september-water-ceremony.html http://uufg.org/events/upcoming-events/1512-collect-water-for-september-water-ceremony.html

On Sunday, September 3, at 11 am, Rev. Maureen leads our annual Water Ceremony -- an ingathering, with an all ages service celebrating the blessings and challenges of water, for our lives and for the planet.

Please bring a small container of water that symbolizes a place or a water-related issue that is meaningful to you. Not likely to remember? Not to worry - pitchers of water will be available so you can pour some into the common bowl and hold a memory of something important in your heart. Following the service, we'll take the shared waters to the Paul & Ginny Bird Memory Garden, as we connect with those UUFG members and loved ones who are no longer with us.

To learn about the history of the UU Water Ceremony, click on the link below.

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Gazette News (current and future info) http://uufg.org/worship/sunday-services/1005-upcoming-services-sunday-11-am.html http://uufg.org/worship/sunday-services/1005-upcoming-services-sunday-11-am.html Download the Gazette (Sunday newsletter) below.

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