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There are many ways to find the News at UUFG. This section is devoted to keeping the news available in an easy manner.

The Current News page has a blog format for showing news as it happens in chronological order. The President's Message is the same - the monthly articles found in the Sunday Gazette. The Music and RE menus will provide their monthly articles and any other updates that you should be aware of.

If you have news that you wish to have published for the UUFG community, please send it to news(at)uufg.org. This is the main portal for publishing news. The UUFG website, eNews, Sunday Gazette, and some News and Needs messages will be picked up and published from this address.

Questions? Please send a message to the webmaster.

The President's Perspective -- September 2013

August and early September have included many signs of health for our congregation: increased Sunday attendance, both adult and children’s choirs are rehearsing, religious education classes starting, and congregation-wide community social justice action, like yesterday’s International Day of Peace celebration.  

Supporting Our Own Adventure

The President's Perspective -- July 2013

Our church year runs from July to June, and this new year begins with major changes in our pulpit. Rev. Garmon gave his final sermon on the last day of June, and we celebrated our time with him with a send off party after service. He and LoraKim took with them the season log (which they brought with them from El Paso) and the chalice that was gifted to them by our congregation when they were installed as our co-ministers back in 2007. Our well wishes to him on his new adventure are joined by our well wishes for our own new adventure of the “interim” period.

How Can We Live Our Covenant? -- August 2013

How Can We Live Our Covenant? -- August 2013

On August 4, the Right Relations Team led a worship service on Congregational Healing and asked attendees to gather in small groups to discuss questions based on our covenant and share their answers. What is a covenant, and what is our covenant? A covenant is a promise; an agreed-to way for us to be in relationship with one another when we are in community together.

A Preview of the Year Ahead: 2013-14

President's Report to the Board -- July 2013

This coming year will be one of adjustment and reflection for our Fellowship as we will be welcoming Rev. Benjamin Maucere for the first year of his two-year interim in a few short weeks.  With the assistance of our Interim Team (Hans Alborn, Tom Bullock, Walter Cole, Janet Davies, and Joann Mossa), we will each be asked to engage deeply with each other, with Unitarian Universalism, and with questions of who we are and what we are to become.  This is an exciting time for us all.

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